Museum Augmented Reality Content Management System

Taking Self-Guided Tours to the Next Level

Upgrade from audio only self-guided tours to a complete experience. Museums can now offer smart glasses tours, making their visitors experience much more informative and interactive.

How do we enrich your public experience?

  • Video content, image content, audio content
  • Interact with 3D models
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Play Games

How do we make this work for your museum?

  • Upload and manage content in multiple languages
  • Add interesting bits of information to the exhibits
  • Preview your tours before updating content on the smart glasses
  • Learn about vistor behaviour through our analytics.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Smart glasses models can be either see-through or occluded. The See-through ones create richer augemented reality experiences. The screens automatically turn off after few seconds of inactivity to be less intrusive to the overall visit. The smart glasses can be easily initialized by tapping on the side.
Yes, the content can be uploaded in multiple languages. On the smart glasses, the visitor can pick the language of their choice. This will allow you to cater to audiences from all over the world as they visit your facility.
Having worked on over 50 projects, most of which last for months, we understand the importance of budgeting. Before any development begins, we are sure to run through requirement specifications. We scope the project and go into details for a nominal fee.
With objectives and plans set out, a pricing plan can be written. Please keep in mind that project requirements do change and extra work will require incur costs. Over time, we will get to know your company better and gain a deeper understanding of your requirements.
In order to maintain control over the budget, we have periodical meetings with stakeholders. It is important for us to understand each other and the work we are doing.
There are 3 main costs to a deployment: Development costs, On-going Maintenance & Hardware costs. The development and maintenance costs vary depending on the scope of the tour. We believe that we can keep costs of using smart glasses tours similar to other technology exhibits that the sector is used to. One unit of Smart Glasses is usually between $800 - $2,000 USD depening on the model. For the trial period, we recommend starting with 10-unit pack that can be used for one section of the museum or exhibit. A busy location can easily have 100s devices generating additional rental revenue for the organization.

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