The WebilizeCare™ Customer Success Services offers support services to companies at all levels from small and mid-sized to enterprise entities to ensure the success of our clients even after “going live”. Requests can range from simple maintenance to complex integrations.

Through our experience in developing Websites, Mobile Apps, Software, we realized that offering such a service is not only in high demand, but also is essential in helping to protect our client’s investment. If you rely on your Website, App, and/ or Software for your day-to-day business, having a catastrophic event such as hacks and/ or downtime could be disastrous to your business. The more time, money, and effort that you’ve put into your Website/ App/ Software, the more that you stand to lose, as recovery may take a few hours, days, or even months. Protect your investment that will give you the peace of mind that you deserve. In the event that something were to happen, you can feel confident that Webilize has the experience and knowledge to pin-point the root-causes of the problems and proactively resolve the issues in a timely manner. Prevention costs are far less expensive and less damaging than recovering from a disaster.

WebilizeCare™ Benefits

  • A single point of contact between the WebilizeCare™ and our clients
  • Timely access support to our WebilizeCare™ dedicated support team.
  • Rapid turnaround to ensure that our client’s Website, App,and/ or Software are optimized, maintained, and secured with minimal to no downtime.
  • The best communication tools are used for effective stakeholder collaboration.

Securing your Business/ Enterprise in today’s Environment Requires Having

  • A partnership with a highly experienced technical team that is focused on your business goals and objectives.
  • Access to specialized technical experts when you need it.
  • A solid risk management system to ensure customer success.
  • Customized solutions to your business requirements.

WebilizeCare™ Objectives

The objective of WebilizeCare™ is to offer our clients with timely operational support. Through the communication technologies that we have invested in, we ensure seamless collaboration with project stakeholders. With our technical knowledge and experience in multiple vertical industries, we provide our clients with proactive, timely and efficient technical support, to ensure that our client’s websites, apps, and software are maintained, secure, with minimal to no downtime. We also ensure that your business’s online assets are optimized and fully operational. The WebilizeCare™ Customer Success team is well versed in the following areas: Websites, Online Applications, Back-end Applications, Mobile Apps(iOS, Android, and Windows).

WebilizeCare™ Offerings:

  • Site Monitoring & Analytics - Eliminate downtime by providing advanced remote site monitoring and analytics for your website.
  • Website/ App/ Software Enhancements - Based on meetings and feedback, the Website/ App/ Software will be continuously improved.
  • Feature Development - Build small features into the Website/ App/ Software on a monthly basis. These features will be discussed and assigned on an as needed basis.
  • WordPress Maintenance: WordPress version updates and Plugin updates.
  • eCommerce (Magento) Addition of custom integrations to help improve product transaction workflows, upgrade to Enterprise Edition, configurations, scaling, and troubleshooting.
  • Custom Sites Support - Addition of custom integrations to help improve product transaction workflows, configurations, scaling, and troubleshooting.
  • Security Analysis and Fixes - Minimize or eliminate downtown. The WebilizeCare™ ensures that all systems are secure, with appropriate fixes and patches, while using the best practices in maintaining systems.
  • Static Source Code Analysis - Minimize downtime and security threats. The WebilizeCare™ technical team can provide source code analysis, and ensure that the code is clean of errors.
  • Code Review Analysis - WebilizeCare™ can provide code reviews and audits and provide expert diagnosis and action items to ensure that your Website/ App/ Software is fully maintained and operational.
  • Quality Assurance - Webilize’s QA team will conduct rigorous testing using thorough and comprehensive sets of quality control procedures.
  • Disaster Recovery Plan - Although most hosting providers guarantee a 99.9% uptime, this only guarantees the server side, and doesn’t include threats from viruses, hacks, server side scripting, or malicious take-downs. WebilizeCare™ delivers swift disaster recovery solutions.
  • Database Optimization - WebilizeCare™ helps to ensure that your page load and server time, as well as running queries, are not negatively impacted by the database.
  • Customer Success Support - Answer Emails/ Phone questions and requests on a quick and timely basis.