We Develop Unique and Complex Web Applications for Print and Logistics Companies

For complex requirements, the Webilize team brings immediate and tangible results with respect to automation, reduction in operating costs, and building custom systems. At Webilize, we have had the fortunate pleasure over the years to have built both custom and complex web solutions with highly customizable features and integrations for companies in the Print and Logistics industries. With customer-focused service providers, it is important to stay competitive in market place by investing in the latest technologies and trends.

Our talented developers have created custom websites, enterprise level web-based service applications, which enabled user access rules, reuse of customer offers, advanced reporting, comprehensive customer history tracking, and a robust, user-friendly management of campaigns, parts, and multi-level offers, and customizable order processing, catalogue and order management. The application hosts an expansive database and is built for large volumes of data processing through the system. We’ve also created fully functional eCommerce websites with an online freight calculator, idea center, and a virtual sample maker which gave customers the ability to select customizable products from a product catalog, create custom designs for clients directly on the website, email or download design mock-ups to clients, and approved designs are sent directly to printers.

We understand that operational efficiency is a must when it comes to print and logistics. Being able to streamline and improve productivity in logistics - distribution print environments, will help maximize efficiency (i.e. labels, billing, inventory management, etc.). Other opportunities of improvement include mitigating duplicate work, quickly fulfilling custom orders, automating processes such as warehouse documents, labels, and invoices, and maximizing throughput load balancing jobs across multiple devices. Improving areas of bottlenecks can make a significant positive impact on customer satisfaction, revenues, and profits.

At Webilize, we understand the importance of operational efficiency and timeliness of completing and delivering orders. Our experience includes building custom ERP systems, online designers (SaaS architecture), integrated custom online eCommerce solutions, as well as implemented printer automation, set-up, shipping, and client and inventory management.