• SharePoint 360 development on the cloud
  • Active Directory Integration for single sign-on
  • Shared meeting calendars across the organization
  • Document Management for resource management and sharing
  • User and Role management for access roles
  • Team & Department Sections

Bringing efficiency into the workplace by integrating Sharepoint into daily activities.



First Nations Fisheries Council (FNFC) wanted to integrate SharePoint into their daily activities. CEO Jordan Green and CFO Karl Dhillon led the initiative for creating the SharePoint portal for their organization and contracted Webilize for this.

SharePoint is a web-based app which integrates with Microsoft’s Office software. Although it was originally developed as a document control management and storage system, it quickly became a trusted tool which could be configured and used between many different types of businesses.

The Webilize team worked closely with the FNFC team to learn and understand their requirements and workflows. Based on the requirement analysis, we developed an implementation plan and successfully delivered it with several key features to improve efficiency and communication throughout the organization. Webilize successfully deployed SharePoint 360, which has a proven track record of significantly improving business operations and processes, and brings measurable value to our clients.