• Schedules for courses and classes
  • Calendar features for attendance
  • Advanced forms for marks, attendance, setup
  • Multi-step forms for storing information
  • Extracts for inputs into ministry systems
  • Email system for communication
  • Advanced User and Role Management
  • Large Database Design
  • Upgrade to ASP.Net 4.5.1
  • AJAX Pages

Education system management system for the First Nations Schools in BC.

SQL Server Windows Server ASP.Net MVC


First Nations Education Steering Committee (FNESC) is an independent society committed to improving education for all first nations students in BC. FNESC has a powerful system called Data Records and User Management System (DRUMS) that first nation schools, teachers, and students use for course schedules, attendance, report cards, ministry requirements, and others.

The Webilize team has led the technical development of the DRUMS system since January 2013. Our team has successfully implemented several key features for the system and continually takes care of DBA duties, day-to-day maintenance, and requests for FNESC. DRUMS is an enterprise level application with over a hundred tables and many complex requirements like student report cards, marks, attendance, schedules, teacher management, student management, school management, etc.