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13 May '19 Considerations When Choosing Between a Mobile App or Web App

By Zoe Williamson

The development has long since passed, is all about the web. But that does not mean app development is the next step for everyone.

6 Mar '18 Need to Know Principles of the Android Application Development Process

By Michelle Russell

Are you interested in creating an Android OS app for your business? Here we go over why your business should have a native Android app, as well as a brief overview of the main steps in the development ...

21 Aug '17 New Developer Features in Android O

By Michelle Russell

Looking to create an app for Android O? Here are all the new developer features you need to know.

1 Feb '17 Complete Overview of the Android Mobile App Development Process

By Donald Kim

We lay out a complete overview of what the Android mobile app development process entails.

20 Dec '16 The Basics of App Design 101

By Donald Kim

We summarize the basics of designing mobile apps: research, competitive analysis, and UX design principles.

9 Nov '16 Top Canadian and the US Government Mobile Apps

By Donald Kim

We list examples of government mobile apps with impressive designs in the US and Canada.

24 Oct '16 Developing a Mobile App: The Process Explained

By Donald Kim

We explain the process of developing mobile apps and describe the stages in engaging with an agency.

13 Sep '16 Native Apps vs Hybrid Apps vs Web Apps

By Donald Kim

We explain the differences between native, hybrid, and web apps and how to decide which type to develop.

30 Aug '16 Best Practices in Developing Apps for Large Android Devices

By Emma Caunter

We describe the best practices in developing apps for Android devices: resolution, testing, and interactions.