How to Choose the Right Web Design Team for Your Business

By Michelle Russell
16 Mar '18

So you have decided to develop a website for your business, or perhaps you’re in dire need of a complete redesign. At this point, you’ve most likely identified the goals you have for your company’s website and even have a handful of ideas in mind to reap the most benefits from it. The next step you need to take is to employ an innovative and talented team of web designers and web developers to execute your vision. However, due to the plethora of design agencies within North America alone, this decision may be difficult to make at first.
At Webilize, we work closely with our clients at every step of the process, beginning with design to development and launch. We’ve compiled a list of five crucial questions you should ask every web design agency you are considering. Remember that “meeting” with the agency should serve as an interview to find the team best suited to your business and project goals. Take advantage of the time to ask the right questions that will help you better understand the team’s approach to a new project.



What is your team’s stance on usability?

Asking web developers and designers about usability is the first and most important telltale sign of how they work internally. Their approach to usability helps you understand how the team works and what their focus is on web design and development. Do they design solely for a look or the best user experience possible?
It is essential to find web developers who design with the end-user in mind at every step of the process. Your users are your customers and the better experience they have using your site, the more likely they are to complete a purchase.

Am I able to meet your team?

Meeting the team that will be working on your website will allow you to understand the roles of every person involved. Additionally, meeting the team working on your website will let you know the levels of expertise and knowledge the team possesses (i.e. senior designers versus junior designers). In the case where face-to-face meetings are impossible, you will learn whether or not the agency outsources the work or not.

At Webilize, we welcome in-person meetings and even have a page dedicated to our team on our website. 


Have you worked on websites similar to mine? Can I see your web design portfolio?

If the agency has worked on projects with goals similar to yours, you should inquire about any expected challenges. In the case where the agency has not tackled a project related to yours, you can always ask to see their design portfolio in addition to a full rundown of how they would approach the project moving forward. How will they use their resources to carry out your vision? How will they approach any challenges encountered? These are great questions to ask to get a sense of how the agency works.

Can we make changes to the website at any point down the line?

Changes to your website will inevitably need to occur for your website down the line. Asking this question will let you know the web agency’s ability to take on any ongoing changes that you may have in the future. You can also take this opportunity to ask about the ability to make these changes yourself moving forward (if minor).

Will you create content for my website, or will I have to do that myself?

Some web design agencies will design and code your website but won’t offer any content creation services. Often the absence of a content creator will cause the website launch to come to a standstill as there is no actual content to fill your website. Finding an agency that offers this service and will take the time to understand your company’s branding and messaging is a huge bonus when it comes to website design and development.
Having a content creator experienced in SEO-optimization and more will save you time and ensure that your content will be the best possible representation of your business.

Also, be sure to check the agency’s referrals and testimonials to see what clients say about their work. You can see our client testimonials by clicking hereWebilize is a leading web development company based in Vancouver, Canada, for small to medium-sized businesses and Government organizations. Our team of highly experienced UX and UI web designers and developers can create high performing, secure, and scalable, responsive websites customizable to your needs. Get in contact with us today for more information on beginning the process of creating your website/application today.





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