Need to Know Principles of the iOS Application Development Process

By Michelle Russell
21 Feb '18

Starting the process of brainstorming and planning your business’ iOS application, you have to find a team of web and app developers that is best suited to you. At Webilize, our team of agile software engineers, programmers, UX/UI designers, and content writers makes us an end-to-end one-stop delivery shop for secure and scalable Development.
Find a team of app developers who understand your goals and vision, and a team that can help you further define and improve your concept for the best possible user experience for future app users. 

The following is a list of principles to keep top of mind when beginning your iOS application development process:

Hire a knowledgeable and skilled app development team

Before contacting and hiring a development team for your app, you should already have a clear idea of what your goals are for your application’s design and functionality. It is critical to define these first to ensure the app development team can create the best app for your goals. With your goals in mind, your development team can help you pick the right design platform and programming language to design the most user-friendly iOS app. Check out some of the Web/App Development and Design services we offer here at Webilize.

The Development of your iOS app truly begins with the User Interface (UI)

Once your wireframe - or roadmap of how your iOS app will work - has been created, your app’s UI can be developed and designed. Here is the step where you should make all the cosmetic choices like colours, logos, fonts, and more. Additionally, this is where you can choose how you would like your users to navigate your iOS application.

But how does the app work? Through event-driven programming which powers all iOS applications

Event-driven programming refers to the user actions taken, which then triggers a response from the app to execute the requested action. This concept can be a bit difficult to grasp at first, but remember these interactions define the underlying code and logic that make up your iOS application.

Make sure you test the “finished” iOS application multiple times over

Do not mistake a finished development period as your app’s cue to launch. Testing your application for functionality and user feedback is one of the most critical principles in the iOS app development process. Your iOS development team should and will integration testing to identify any issues fixed before release in the app store.


Webilize is a leading web development company based in Vancouver, Canada, for small to medium-sized businesses and Government organizations. Our team of highly experienced UX and UI web designers and developers can create high performing, secure, and scalable, responsive websites customizable to your needs. Get in contact with us today for more information on beginning the process of creating your website/application today.



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