5 Web Design Trends to Watch for in 2018

By Michelle Russell
17 Jan '18

It is that time of the year again! A new year means a fresh start and a re-focus on what to prioritize. For Web Designers, a new year means a whole new list of design trends to keep up with to get users engaged. In 2017, there was a severe shift from desktop internet to mobile usage. At the rest of 2018, web design must be optimized for mobile users now more than ever.


Here is a list our Webilize team compiled of the design trends to watch in 2018:


1. Vibrant colour schemes


Gone are the days of web designers sticking to web-safe and traditional colour schemes. In 2018 we were waiting for a boom in the adoption of vibrant and saturated colour schemes with high contrast to catch the viewer's eye.


2. Particle backgrounds

Particle backgrounds are lightweight javascript animations allowing movement as a natural part of a web page's background. With their short loading time, they are a great solution to websites with performance issues when running videos as the web page's background. They're fun and pleasing to the eye as well!


3. Mobile is King

As already stated, mobile browsing has officially surpassed desktop browsing. Web designers must now prioritize creating the best possible web experience for mobile users while still holding the same look and feel like that on desktop. For UX designers, the biggest challenge in 2018 is how to fit a seamless and appealing design into mobile-friendly dimensions.


4. Bold, large, typography

For header text in 2018, the sky is the limit as more web designers are breaking the rules and opting for more daring, transparent, and oddly placed text to affect web visitors. We are looking forward to seeing new and exciting typography techniques adopted in web design this year.


5. Animations

In 2018 we were looking for experimental uses of animation in web design, i.e. particle backgrounds, virtual or augmented realities, and cinematography. Here's why you should be using animation in your web design.


The crucial point about web design is that it is continuously evolving and changing year-by-year. Web designers all across the world are finding new ways to push the industry forward every day. Using any of these new design trends in your Web Design is an impressive way to bring a modern and fresh look to your brand.

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