The Basics for Creating a Successful eCommerce Website

By Michelle Russell
25 Jul '17

eCommerce is a growing, thriving, and competitive industry. More and more people are moving away from traditional shopping in favour of purchasing from the comfort of their own homes or on the go using smartphone devices. This trend makes the world of eCommerce an excellent place for all businesses - no matter the size and scale - to break into and grow their product sales and expand their audience.

If you’re a small business owner looking to create your eCommerce website, here we will outline a few tips and tricks for ensuring its success. Remember that building a website is a long and tedious process that should be executed by an experienced and qualified development team on your side.

1. Choose an appropriate eCommerce system for your business

Depending on your website’s needs, you must first assess what eCommerce system is best suited to what you are selling. Here at Webilize, we specialize in Magento and nopCommerce based websites. However, if you require a system with more customization and complexity, we also offer custom-built systems using solutions.

2. Create a smooth checkout process and determine shipping costs

It is vital to have a secure checkout process for customers, so they do not become discouraged in the buying process. Have a search bar to help customers narrow down products of interest, and include a shopping cart that notifies and reminds customers of any in-cart items. Doing so will help decrease the number of site visitors who place items in their shopping cart, just to leave without purchasing.

3. Use High-Quality product images and succinct product descriptions that grab attention

The photos you choose to display are the sole impression your customers will get on the products. Always use high-quality pictures that lit well to best showcase your business’s products. Also, add succinct but informative descriptions that complement the product images well.

4. Turn on social sharing and encourage customer reviews

Social media is an excellent way for businesses to hone in on their current customers and attain new ones. Sales directed from social media channels account for 20% of all online purchases. Customers are also more likely to trust in you and your products when they can see real reviews from other customers who have purchased products from you in the past. Keep in mind that this does leave the potential for ‘bad’ reviews to appear on your website in the case that customers are not satisfied.

5. Have clear contact information for customers

Ensure that your company’s contact information is visible and updated so that you can stay on top of any customer inquiries or questions regarding your website or product line. Transparency here is hugely beneficial for building brand trust and reputation.

Webilize is a leading web development company for small to medium-sized businesses and Government organizations. Our experienced and knowledgeable team of UX and UI designers creates high performing, secure, and scalable, responsive websites customized to your needs. Utilizing a great development team when building your eCommerce website is the best way to guarantee its success, and ease of use on all ends.

At Webilize, we specialize in web development and app development. Check out our Portfolio and Testimonial Videos! Get in touch with us!




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