Creating an Excellent User Experience for the Modern day Web: Multiple Browsers on Multiple Devices

By Michelle Russell
10 Jul '17

Are you losing web traffic and leads on your website? If so, this could be a result of an unresponsive website across multiple mobile devices, or even poor SEO. In the agile development process, it is of the utmost importance to put your company’s website through rigorous testing to ensure that your website design works on all major browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Safari. Additionally, your website works on a multitude of iOS, Android, and Windows mobile devices and the common browsers used on these devices. Although on iPads, Chromebooks and Android tablets, you have hundreds of combinations to test.

The goal when building your website should be to achieve complete cross-browser compatibility and mobile responsiveness on the most commonly used screen sizes. It is your responsibility to ensure that your customers are all having the same browser experience of your website. Brand consistency is imperative, and having a dependable website is an excellent way of providing and maintaining it.

If your website is failing to work on one internet browser, that leaves the potential to lose customers and sales to competitors with a properly functioning website across all internet platforms.


  1. To build your new website using a mobile responsive framework like bootstrap 4 (current version) as it is widely used, well understood by developers and is extensible.

  2. Having a good team build it for you.

  3. To test it on a subset of commonly used devices.

However, with an experienced development team that understands how to leverage the mobile responsive framework to its potential and how to build on top where needed, compatibility issues can be avoided altogether.  


Some common issues:

- lower SEO google rankings

- overflowing content

- content that doesn’t fit into screens properly

- crucial CTAs (buttons, links) are not easily accessible

- loss of potential leads

- low conversion rates on mobile devices

Again, you can avoid these issues by utilizing a great development team that will use the best practices and achieves the best results for your business. Be sure to also test your website in multiple resolutions on different mobile devices. A few of the most popular mobile resolutions for iOS, Android, and Windows devices are 750 x 1334, 1080 x 1920, and 1440 x 2560.


Also, make sure to test the key functionalities of your website, such as the links, forms, plugins, and site search features. Review the homepage, as well as all subpages and landing pages for consistency and ease of use.

Your business will greatly benefit from having a Mobile Responsive Website. Approximately 53% of Internet users today are browsing solely from mobile devices. It is now more critical than ever for your business to be mobile-friendly and responsive to keep traffic up and sales potential high. This solution is especially important for customers looking to purchase orders, request a quote, etc. on their mobile devices.

Webilize is a leading web development company for small to medium-sized businesses and Government organizations. Our experienced and knowledgeable team of UX and UI designers creates high performing, secure, and scalable, responsive websites customized to your needs. Utilizing a great development team when building your website is the best way to guarantee its success, cross-browser compatibility, and ease of use on various devices.  

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