The Link Between Content Marketing and SEO

By Donald Kim
6 Apr '17

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If you've ever wondered whether content marketing and SEO are linked, then you're reading the right article! This article will answer how content marketing and SEO go hand-in-hand, as well as delve into the benefits of content marketing. Although running not integrated content marketing and SEO leads to an overlap.

SEO is a methodology of strategies, tactics, and techniques used to increase site visitors and rank placement on search result pages like Google, Bing, or Yahoo. The page results are known as the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Content marketing created to deliver and distribute relevant, valuable, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience. Content marketing also used to increase SEO and, in turn, improve sales conversions, reduce costs, and improve customer loyalty. For this reason, Content marketing should be a part of any website development project.

Studies have shown that content marketing can contribute to 3 times as many leads than traditional paid search.

The secret to content marketing ROI is developing the right content strategy to improve your marketing endeavours significantly.


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1.  Inbound website traffic

One of the most valuable benefits of content marketing is increased incoming traffic to your website. With higher quality content on your website, you'll be able to drive more website traffic. Content such as eBooks, embedded videos, and blog posts can help direct leads through to your website. By having the right strategic content in place, you'll be able to promote your niche, expertise, and unique selling proposition. With the right call-to-action buttons, you can improve the ways that site visitors engage with your content, thus increasing the potential of sales. With the right content, your website can drive inbound traffic of highly qualified leads. Aim to inform and educate your target market while addressing common issues and questions. 

2.  Build brand awareness with engagement

Creating content that your visitors engage with is what helps build relationships. Quality, relevance, and targeted content are crucial to this cause. Your content should be a direct reflection of your brand and business. Some of the highest levels of engagement is a result of highly visual content; optimized videos and graphics are a great example of this.

3.  Generate natural SEO link juice

When your audience links to your content, it can earn a degree of 'authority'. Google uses "PageRank" to measure 'authority' on a scale of 1-10. However, with Google's algorithm continually evolving, having fresh and quality content will prove to be highly beneficial for search engine rankings. When content such as a blog post begins to get shared onto other web pages, your SEO link value increases.

4.  Educate your customers and prospects

Creating quality content can help improve your sales processes and help to decrease sales cycles. Depending on the product or service, most potential buyers prefer doing their research first before speaking with a salesperson. Create content that educates your potential customers.

5.  Generate leads

According to industry studies, businesses that post blogs regularly are much more likely to create new leads compared to those that don't. With compelling content that addresses your audience's points of interest, more qualified leads will fill the top of your sales and marketing funnel. By becoming a trusted resource for information on customer interest, you can build loyal customer relationships.

6.  Promote integrated marketing

Another benefit of content marketing is the ability to integrate with other digital marketing initiatives, such as social media marketing, and SEO. Social media serves as an excellent platform to promote your content to a vast and engaged network.


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7.  More content equates to more keyword opportunities

Content marketing allows you to go beyond just text, copy, and alt tags on images. By using blog posts, articles, guides, and other written copy, you'll be able to use more and more relevant SEO keywords targetted towards your desired audience. To generate more significant organic traffic, you will need effective and optimized content targeted to your buyers. Employing strategic SEO keywords and developing relevant content is the first step towards doing so. However, content marketing is not a quick fix as it takes time and a strong commitment.

8.  Google prefers quality content

Industry studies have shown that the pages which rank the highest on Google's Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS) have the highest amount of content. SERP's that averaged approximately 2,400 words are typically ranked higher on Google. Note, however, that longer content isn't always necessarily better, as the content should offer readers substantial information. You'll also need to take into consideration keyword density, which is the number of times that your chosen keyword appears in the blog post.

9.  Build authority within your content

Since Google's search engine algorithm is ever-evolving, content marketers need to write meaningful and relevant content. We recommend analyzing your current rankings, producing a comprehensive list of topics associated with your business and competitors. Using SEO ranking tools to identify keywords to improve click-through rates and conversions. Using a content calendar to fill the gaps in your topics list and prioritizing the list based on click-through rates and conversion metrics identified in Google Analytics and Google Webmasters.

10.  Turn customers and prospects into advocates

Having customers and opportunities engaged with your content will help create active brand loyalists. You'll want to create content that connects with your customers and prospects.

11.  Bridge the gap between marketing and sales

Content marketing can help bridge marketing and sales teams, where marketers can drive demand and generate leads with relevant content while the sales team can focus on closing deals. It's essential to have an effective strategy that aligns your content with the buyer's journey throughout the different stages: Prospect  Opportunity  Customer  Upsell and Renewals  References.

12.  Build a core vision that drives productive working cultures

The content that you create can be a direct reflection of your brand and how your company positions itself within the marketplace. Businesses need to align corporate messaging with the efforts of their employees.

13.  Leverage personal branding

Thought leadership – An individual or firm recognized as an authority in a specialized field. If used correctly, content can help develop and leverage personal branding, which enables you to become an authoritative figure in your industry.


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