Quick Tips on How to Increase Mobile App Sales with A/B Testing

By Donald Kim
16 Feb '17

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In the competitive world of mobile app sales, having a systematic process of strategizing and executing will increase your chances of success. The mobile app market is as ubiquitous as it is overcrowded, and according to Statista, there are 102,062 million mobile apps available for download worldwide, and 9.19 billion paid mobile app downloads. In this article, we will present techniques and tactics to help you better position your app and gain a competitive edge by employing analytic data sourced directly from your target market.


What is Mobile App A/B Testing

Mobile App A/B Testing refers to testing different experiences within the mobile app. During testing, divided into different segments, users expected to have different skills within those segments. After the experiments obtained enough data points, it is time to identify the version of the app that had higher conversions. For example, app developers can roll out a variety of banners for extra in-app purchases within different levels in a mobile game, and see which banner the user clicked on the most. Once the test reaches statistical significance, the banner with the most clicks can be rolled out in entirety to improve conversion rates.

When you use Mobile A/B Testing, focus on the following areas: user onboarding, retention, and engagement rate. But do also focus on every step of the sales funnel to optimize your sales conversions. Variations of App A/B Testing includes the placement of buttons, the number of forms for sign-up, images, ad-placements, and calls-to-action.

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Benefits of App A/B Testing

The benefits for conducting App A/B Testing is analogous to running A/B Tests on the web, i.e. landing pages. It enables you to test different hypotheses for app experiences allowing you to change your app based on real tangible data. With this data, you’re then able to determine the impact of the changes made and choose the best adjustment that optimizes conversions. This optimization part is a process that can be continuously run to improve the overall experience of your app continually, thus enhancing your conversions. Another benefit is that you’re able to iterate faster and make timely fixes and updates to your app.


Micro Testing

This technique involves testing marketing elements such as product prices, screenshots, titles, video previews, descriptions, and icons. The test is performed by first creating an A/B mobile landing page, next to sending traffic to test your pages, and lastly, analyzing your results. You can create mobile landing pages with SignalMind, Convrrt, or SparkPage. You can then use Google AdWords or AdMob to run your small campaign. By running a quick ad campaign for as low as $50, you can generate hundreds of visitors to your landing pages. After running the experiment for a few days, you can review the data collected for variables such as pricing, calls-to-action, and descriptions. Tools such as Kissmetrics and Optimizely can help you calculate these conversion rates. A useful formula to do so is as follows: (Number of Clicks / Number of Visitors) x 100 = Conversion Rate. 

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General Rules to Follow

When you’re A/B testing, be sure that you’re not sacrificing time for optimization, mainly if your time is limited to conduct such tests. Ensure that you have a solid hypothesis to maximize the overall testing process. Finally, when you are at the analysis stage, ensure that you have a statistically significant amount of data points to establish results.


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