Web Portal & Web App Development using ASP.NET

By Donald Kim
18 Jan '17

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If you’ve ever used Google, Yahoo, YouTube, Facebook, or Wikipedia, then you’ve used a web portal. A web portal is a web-based platform website that brings in information from diverse sources in a uniform manner. Users of the web portal can configure what information should be displayed. The web portal may use search engine API, which permits users to search an intranet as opposed to an extranet content, by restricting the searched domains. The portal serves as the single point of access for information. It can help with search navigation, personalization, and notification and information integration.


If you need a web app or web portal for your business, then you will need an agency that specializes in custom development services. A popular platform used by programmers is Microsoft’s ASP.NET MVC (or typically referred to as .NET). This platform is a powerful, patterns-based method of building dynamic websites, enabling a clean separation of concern and gives developers full control over the markup. ASP.NET even supports agile development and is excellent for sites that use HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. Notable websites developed using .NET include Amazon and eBay.


.NET allows developers to build web solutions for:
  • Web-based applications.
  • Web portals.
  • Web Apps for use on Android and iOS mobile devices (alternative to developing two separate native apps, allowing for easy updates without having to release new versions into the respective app stores).
  • Secure and scalable custom eCommerce websites.
  • Business and Corporate websites.
  • Social networking websites.
  • Custom Content Management Systems (CMS).
  • Custom Customer Relationship Management (CRM).


Here are a few of the benefits of developing with .NET:


  1. Cleaner code.
  2. Security and speed improve.
  3. Very scalable.
  4. Improved performance: Caching allows storing/caching page output or application data, which reduces the load on the web services/database. It is also more reliable since you do not waste time in repopulating an in-memory cache.
  5. It allows flexibility and integrations.
  6. .NET runs on the server-side, which sends its output to the user’s web browser and enables the server to generate dynamic web pages, feature-rich web pages, and web-centric applications.
  7. Provides What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG).
  8. It provides server controls and blueprints.
  9. Quickly made changes.
  10. .NET is not dependent on language.
  11. C# (the primary language of .NET), the mature and well-developed language. It is similar to Java but has greater functionality.
  12. Provides full support of XML, CSS, and other well established web standards.
  13. It can cater for enterprise-level deployment.
Examples of the .NET development work that we at Webilize have done:



  • Website, Custom eCommerce, Developer Center, App Store.
  • Integration with SAP Business One, and Salesforce.
  • Website, eCommerce, back-office operations, inventory management, client management, payment & shipping integration.



  • New platform website with excellent customer user experience.
  • Powerful backend and beautiful frontend UX design.
  • Enables the FrontFundr team to update new investment opportunities by manage and control Company Information, Target Investment Raised, Equity Offered, Minimum Investment, and Closing Days.


Below are just a few examples of sectors using web portals:


Banking & Insurance Portals

Allianz, Wealth Management: Insurance Portal

CopperPoint: Insurance Portal

Santander Bank: Retail Banking Portal


webilize, blog image, web portal and web app development using asp.net, patient portal

Health Care - Patient Portals

EQ Virtual: Patient Portal

Forest Hills Pediatrics: Patient Portal

Certification Commission for Healthcare Information Technology (CCHIT): Patient Portal


Government Portals

Grants.gov: Federal Government Portal

London Borough of Camden: Local Government Portal


Student & Faculty Portals

UBC: Student & Faculty Portal

Simon Fraser University: Student & Faculty Portal

Stanford University: AXESS, Student & Faculty Portal


Intranets, Extranets, and Employee Portals

Government of BC: Intranet

Toyota Scion: Extranet

AutoZone: Employee Portal


At Webilize, we deliver on reliable .NET solutions by aligning our UX/UI design team with our development team, the development process, and with our client’s goals and business objectives. By using the latest Microsoft development tools, and leveraging our expertise in web software products, mobile, process-oriented applications, and cloud, we can create fully customized, scalable, robust, and scalable web applications and web portals (Portfolio and Testimonials).


If you need help with designing and developing highly custom web apps, please email or call us. www.webilize.com/Contact, we’d be happy to help.





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