Microsoft's .NET is Going Open Source!

By Moe Afilal
15 Nov '15

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                           “Old Order Changeth Yielding Place to New”


This age-old quote of the Victorian era runs current and gains pace in this super modern world of technological advancement today.

Microsoft asserts its stance as a worldwide leader in software services and solutions by announcing its next big Leap- signifying three steps ahead.

  •  Open sources the full .NET Server Code Stack
  •  Introduces a new free and fully-featured edition of Visual Studio
  • Releases the preview of the next generation of Visual Studio 2015              
  • .NET 2015 and Visual Studio Online.


Somasegar, the Corporate Vice President of the Developer Division at Microsoft, on Nov. 12. 2014, beamingly committed that this effort of the Microsoft team will tremendously benefit billions among the community of developers- be it the open-source developers, startups, hobbyists or commercial developers, in building apps or sites and empowering businesses.

The fully-featured Visual Studio 2013 lends access to its extensibility ecosystem and provides support for targeting any of the cross platforms, including the mobile devices, desktops, web or cloud services, he explained.

Although the critical components like ASP.Net and C# Compiler are open-sourced, the process of open-sourcing fully the Core .NET Runtime and the .NET framework has commenced and will be in progress over the next following months. However, he said, “the developers can  begin engaging with the breadth of .NET open source projects today at”


“We are excited to be working closely with the Mono community on this effort, to jointly deliver an open-source, enterprise-ready .NET implementation for the server to Windows, Linux and OS X.”

he remarked.

The positive implications of these open-sourcing efforts for the community of developers, as explained by Somasegar, are:

  • .NET expands from Windows to additionally target Linux and Mac OS X

  •  Visual Studio 2015 offers the best solutions for C++, C#, Java and HTML development, thereby creating the right environment for cross-platform mobile application development for targeting iOS, Android, Windows and more.

  • Built-in integration of  ‘Roslyn’ Compiler platform in Visual Studio 2015, makes coding of C# and VB more effective

  • Microsoft expands its collaboration with Xamarin to ensure the continuation of the fruitful experience with C# and F#, for developers doing cross-platform mobile development.

  • Visual Studio 2015 provides a complete toolchain for mobile development across cross platforms with C++

  • Visual Studio 2015 supports the open-source Apache Cordova platform for building applications targeting iOS, Android and Windows

  • Visual Studio tools like C# refactoring, Code Analysis, Graphical debugging, Blend and Peek will be accessible FREE to developers for making Cloud development and Productivity improvements a reality.

  • Visual Studio 2015 offers improved debugging and profiling experiences to developers

  • New features like Smart Unit tests, WPF development tools, Visual Diagnostic tool Timeline tool new road map for WPF provided in Visual Studio 2015


Microsoft’s vision “to enable every developer and any application to have access to Visual Studio, .NET, Azure and Visual Studio Online” has finally been transformed into reality.

It is now the turn of Developers to make it the abounding resource for cross-platform developments.





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