What are users doing on their tablets and smartphones?

By Jonathan Ryan
23 Feb '15

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Experian Marketing Services discovered that in Q1 2013, US mobile Internet users spend most of their mobile web time checking their email.

Considering these statistics also anticipated to reflect Canadian mobile Internet usage, this is valuable information for any marketer targeting customers in North America.

Here’s what the numbers look like:

-23% share of time spent checking email on a mobile device


-5% of the time spent checking email on a desktop computer.

Experian also found that social networking came in second place, taking a 15% share of time spent on mobile Internet.

Another mobile Internet winner is travel, which occupies 9% of the mobile user’s time online, compared with 1% for desktop users.

Travel, social, and email – where does your company connect in the modern mobile Internet landscape?

These trends in mobile Internet usage give us clues about where Internet marketing is heading – and how your business can take advantage of these new channels to connect with customers.

Brandwatch notes, “it’s important for marketers to consider how their audience will be viewing content, which will increasingly be on a mobile or tablet, and also to consider utilizing opportunities presented by mobile apps such as Foursquare.”

It’s Foursquare today – but what about tomorrow?





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