Meet Your Online Marketing Team: Content Writer

By Imraj Pasricha
12 Feb '15

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When you have a brand to communicate with prospects, the words don’t always come easy.  You know what you sell, but do you know how to convince customers to love what you sell?

Marketing online only heightens the challenge of determining how to attract customers to your business.  Users are inundated with millions of flashy messages every time they browse the web. Somehow, yours must make an impact.

That’s why it’s essential to have a Content Writer on your Online Marketing Team. Your professional content writer collaborates with your Designer to ensure your website helps users find what they’re looking for on the Internet.

Satisfying user experience has a lasting impact.  Concise, compelling content helps make it happen.

More benefits of professional content writing services:

-       Content converts prospects to customers

Professional content writers plan, craft, manage and publish original material to distribute via your website, email and social media platforms.  These materials include blog posts, infographics, whitepapers, case studies, landing pages, and e-books.

By providing these resources to prospects for free, you leverage opportunities to convert them into customers. Content that is useful and compelling is more likely to be shared amongst users on other websites. This step increases brand awareness, industry authority, and website traffic.

-       Google loves fresh, quality content

Any professional Search Engine Optimizer will tell you “Content is King” for higher search rankings on Google. That’s because Google wants to provide users with the best resources available on the web. Publishing quality content on your website is an effective way to improve search visibility.

Additionally, Google looks for content with the keywords used in search queries. Professional content writers know how to optimize content for search engines by including those popular terms.

-       Content and online marketing go hand-in-hand

Online marketing is all about delivering marketing messages to customers on the web. But as you may have already encountered, crafting those messages is the hard part.

With a professional Content Writer on your team, you leave the stress of communicating your unique brand message to someone who knows how to adapt it for an Internet audience.

The professional difference

Professional Content Writers have ample experience writing for web audiences. They often possess academic backgrounds in fields such as English Literature and Journalism, as well as specialized knowledge in some or all of the following areas:

  • SEO keyword editing
  • Marketing psychology
  • User experience design
  • Usability for the web
  • Media relations

Content writers synthesize these technical and creative aspects to deliver compelling messages that attract and retain customers.

What do you want to tell prospects?

Think about the message you want to convey online.  Whether it’s to convince customers to make a purchase or sign up for your service, you’re prepared to bring it to life with the expertise of your Webilize Content Writer.   



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