Here’s Why your Digital Presence Requires a Team

By Imraj Pasricha
5 Feb '15

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When you think about how many people access the Internet every day, it's's easy to feel overwhelmed.

Billions of users harness the World Wide Web to find information and entertainment, connect with others, and purchase products and services.  And somewhere amongst all the rapid-fire communication, there is your business website.

Your website has the potential to engage a massive audience of prospective customers. But first, it needs to rise above the competition.  

How will you rise above the rest?

The sheer vastness of the digital landscape makes it thick with noise, and all the more intimidating for business owners to attempt to make their web presence stand out amongst the rest.

So don't go it alone. Harness the power of an online marketing team to reap the sales opportunities waiting for you on the World Wide Web.

Every professional on your team brings unique skills to the table. Their expertise is strengthened by collective action, as they collaborate on projects to determine the best results. Together, they deliver robust online marketing solutions.

Your key players for success

A capable online marketing team possesses these key players:

  • Designer
  • Content Writer
  • Social Media Manager
  • Programmer
  • Digital Strategist
  • Search Engine Optimizer (SEO)

The team difference

Today, you can't expect to see results from only launching a website and waiting for the traffic. You need to go where your customers are.  And guess what:

They’re mobile. They’re social. They’re experienced Internet users.  So let’s get moving!  

They're mobile: Web-enabled mobile devices have accelerated the adoption of daily Internet usage. Consumers connect from nearly every context, from the office to the soccer field to the open road.  With increased dependence on the Internet come increased expectations for the types of experiences users enjoy.  

To create compelling experiences across web-enabled devices, you're going to need a Designer schooled in mobile and user experience design. You're also going to need a Programmer to adapt your website for mobile to ensure that your brand message is communicated effectively from anywhere your targeted prospect discovers it, from the tablet to the desktop PC.

They're social: Platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have changed the way users interact with others online. These social media spaces shape identities and blur the lines between digital and real life.  Companies have the opportunity to engage customers on social media and make powerful connections to increase sales, brand loyalty, and business presence.

To join this marketing revolution, you'll need a Content Writer to develop original content to share with your prospects on social media platforms. You'll also need a Social Media Manager to determine the best platforms for your marketing needs, and connect with customers there.

They've experienced Internet users: When users need to find something online, they usually start with a keyword search on search engines like Google and Bing. The results they discover on the first page of a search engine query do not appear by chance. The algorithm – guidelines and rules determine search rankings – that help maintains quality standards by rewarding well-delivered websites.

To reach the customers searching for your service via Google and Bing, you need to know how to improve the quality of your website. A Search Engine Optimizer knows and can help you boost site rankings. Your Optimizer collaborates with your Designer, Content Writer, Social Media Manager, and Digital Strategist to strategically nurture higher rankings and higher site traffic.

The power of a team at your fingertips

You can bring your web presence to the next level when you've got a team behind you every step of the way, strategizing your success from every angle.

Get on board with a connected group of unique web professionals invested in seeing you rise above the ranks online. Contact Webilize today to meet your team!  





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