Your Web and Mobile App leisure time during the COVID-19

By Elena Zakharova
23 Mar '20

While the countries close their borders and people are hoarding the toilet paper purveyance to avoid the coronavirus threat, we are here not to frighten but to tell you how to seize the perks of total isolation.
We compiled for you a list of online operas, shows, ballets and museums, most of them scheduled to be broadcast next weeks, but now all of them available for free right in one click. Such a sophisticated apocalypse, right? So do not miss the chance to profit from social isolation and add more improvement in your routine.

If you have not yet visited the State Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg, Russia, here is your chance to do it online.

There is also a state-of-art five-hour journey through the Hermitage, shot in 4K on the iPhone 11 Pro with only one take.

The Metropolitan Opera has already announced every day free Live streams in HD.

The Vienna Opera also hosts free quarantine broadcasts.

Broadcasts of the Bolshoi Theater ballets have come, so do not miss the "Romeo and Juliet" by Prokofiev on March 29!

Here is Google’s project Arts and Culture.

Amsterdam Van Gogh Museum with Google street view function welcomes you.

The Tretyakov Gallery virtual expositions for your pleasure.

Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna has opened its virtual doors as The Uffizi digital archives do.

Have you been to Louvre before? Now you have!

State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg is also available online for your convenience.

The British Museum: have a look at one of the largest online collections with over 3.5 million exhibits, or you can join virtual tours of the museum and display on the official YouTube channel.

Spanish Museo Del Prado offers photos of more than 11 thousand works with smart search by artists and themes.

Do you prefer Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel or the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York?

You can watch The online collection of the New York Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) with over 84 thousand works right now sitting on your couch.

Guggenheim Museum online collection is here for you.

You are welcome to participate in virtual tours in the Salvador Dali Museum or in the Smithsonian Museum online exhibition.

Here is also the impressive NASA video gallery with short high-resolution videos. Space is closer than it looks!

It is a high time to explore Poland with the National Museum in Krakow or to travel to Hungary right to the Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest.

And save time to visit the New York museums with virtual collections and excursions, archives of lectures and stories of artists themselves.

We believe you stay safe at home, but staying home means neither being bored nor coming down. However, you have remote work to do; it is critical to have past-time for yourself. The global cultural events cancellation will not affect your leisure if you have an Internet connection and a firm intention not to miss a thing!



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