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By Elena Zakharova
2 Mar '20

Website development is not only about your taste, but also a celebration the technological and cultural changes. As you can unmistakably recognize an era of 80-s, 90-s, or Millenials just after the peoples' outfit, so can you guess the timeline that matches the website created. Although trends are passing by, there are website elements that using is always a good idea to use it for your global marketing strategy, and implement it in your web development. Here we grabbed the most effective approaches for your website performance that have been working for years.


Custom illustration.

Come on, are you still using static pictures from stocks? Even if all of them are parts of photography masterpieces, stop scrolling them down. Nothing brings your visitors a feeling of a personal approach better than an author's illustration does. Web audience becomes even more sophisticated each day, so you have to not displease it with stock photos everyone has seen a billion times.


Interactive elements

That trick worked since the day the little dino ran through cactuses looking for the Internet connection. Nothing has changed since then, and users are still in love with animation that reacts to their actions.

Should you have any doubts, just try to type your email and see the friendly yeti watches you writing your address, closes his eyes not to view your password, but peeps if you pick to show it! Google has been creating these interactions almost every day with its Google Doodles, and we bet you have been involved in it at least once! Just check it runs great both in web and mobile applications.


The friendly tone of voice.

Yes, we mean that. Just try to imagine how many websites perform with a business official tone with tons of cliche trying to persuade you in obvious things. Of course, they can do whatever they want, but don't you find it exhausting? No doubts, your website text is supposed to present you, but your main goal is not only to get the attention but to keep your audience engaged up to the end.

So stand out in a sea of ordinary, leave hubris to rookies and just talk to your web visitors like you would do it in person.



It is always appealing. Besides, there is a science part about helping your brain to process information quicker, and infographics look so mesmerizing you shouldn't resist using it in your web design. From presentations to content marketing, it is visually luring and extremely shareable. To us, however, an infographic is not only a piece of beauty, but it is also a part of the unique content that brings you to excel among competitors and to tell the particular story for your customers.

There are some great examples of the infographic, and also the superb one from Digit.

The Beatles songs infographic

The Beatles songs infographic


Video headers

The dominant way either to attract attention or to complement your website message is to add the video as a background. One more effective way to engage your customers and make them stick to their screens for a couple of minutes.

Just remember some distinct rules like adding the video relevant to the main product and not competing for the users' attention, or using no audio at the same time as it can be the most annoying user experience, or just loop the video clip and show no video controls. Just do not forget this is a background, not a regular video, right?


To sum up, website design has been evolving every year, and as long as most of the trends pass by, and some of them stay effective, your next task is to implement them on your web page. UI/UX design does always matter if you are thinking about the game-changing website, so it is crucial not only to monitor all new trends but also to use wisely the classical and effective ones.

Do you have noticed any trends that work the best for your goals? We would love to see what you think in the comments.



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