iPhone 11: Key Features Mark a Good Time to Update Mobile Applications

By Zoe Williamson
12 Sep '19

Nearly two years after the release of the iPhone 10, itself released to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, Apple held a new keynote to hype its developments.

What to announce?

Keen to cash in on the subscription services domination, Apple is launching Apple TV+ and Apple Arcade. These will both be $4.99 per month. Arcade does not provide unlimited access, only to apps from partnered developers, but this is still a significant move. Users will be more inclined to test apps without a one-off fee and developers can reach wider audiences.

AppleTV+ will feature original programming, with the first titles dropping on 1st November. A year's free membership included with the purchase of an Apple device. The app is already available on the latest iOS.

For hardware, we have new versions of the Apple Watch, iPad and iPhone. Being on the wrist during use has given the watch an advantage in the detection of health conditions, with its ability to monitor heart rates. Because of this reasoning, Apple has partnered with the World Health Organisation and leading universities to develop apps that track the user's health for research purposes.

The iPad can be a designer's best friend, and the seventh generation proves it. Multitasking is critical, with the ability to slide over apps or fan them out for easy access.

Then the new iPhone was announced.

What's on offer with the iPhone 11?

There are three new versions of the iPhone: 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max. All three include the new A13 Bionic chip for increased performance with lower power usage, using 8.5 billion transistors. The CPU can reportedly manage 1 trillion operations per second, expanding the machine learning capabilities.

The power reduction comes from redirecting power only to the areas which are in use at any given time, and it leads to a 40% power usage reduction, a 20% speed increase and battery life improvements across the models.

Pro and Pro Max models have another camera added to the back for broader angle shots- something which stated as improved for standard 11. While the base model still has two, they are also enhanced with a 120-degree field of view and capture up to 60fps.

The front cameras are 12mp, capable of 4K recording and 40fps, with slow-motion video capture for 'selfies.' It is not just images that will see an improvement, and the new handsets have spacial audio from Dolby Atmos to create more of a surround sound effect.

While the outside design is more or less the same as the X, the OS itself is getting redecorated. There is a new dark mode which will apply a dark background to all apps.

What does this mean for apps?

A new iPhone release leads to a rush in sales and users keen to explore the possibilities of their new phone. In this case, you want to ensure your app will make the cut when apps are being redownloaded or installed. You should optimize your app for better performance on a faster device, and, of course, your app should always be up-to-date, but this will always be more noticeable on devices that are running to their full potential.

Dark mode may present some problems for existing apps, and they will need an upgrade for the new virtual skin. If someone prefers to view their phone in this mode and your app is not compatible, you are likely to see a reduction in use. The good news for mobile developers in the iOS development process or searching for a mobile app development company is that this is something to code before launch.

As people capture higher quality images and enjoy the high sound quality, many will also be keen to try editing. While there are in-camera editing features on the phone, specialist apps may see a rise in demand as the increase in quality pushes consumers to explore the depths of their creativity.

Apps like Snapchat and Instagram, which already make use of the camera, are to take tons of slow-motion selfies. While the uploading process will not change, the potential rise in users for the time the feature is prevalent will be enticing for in-app advertisers. If considering an app which will use photo and video uploads, data storage will be an ever-increasing concern.

Crucially, apps must be sleek to match the device. Clunky apps will stand out and be unappealing on any handset, but Apple products are at the top end of the price scale, and the apps on them have to reflect the premium customers' pay. A good app development company should understand this and integrate it into their work.

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