Prepare Your Business for 2020

By Zoe Williamson
3 Jun '19

Technology moves fast, and it is often unpredictable. You may jump into the next trend only to realize its real value is less then the hype is, but there are still tech trends many businesses are behind.

Not only does the technology for business change, but also there are trends in design that successful businesses have to take into account. 

Increase security

Scammers and hackers are always looking for new ways of accessing personal information, and you have to keep up with changing security trends. Mobile platforms are the most secure option, but the volume of malware is increasing every day, and the extended mobile platform usage does not mean to ignore websites.

Remember, your site may be vulnerable to cross-site scripting, putting visitors at risk of facing a malicious source seeming legitimate. To prevent it, you should fix it by contacting a web development company and discussing how to protect your site. 


blockchain, the sophisticated technology linked with security, allows safe transactions online. A fair price to pay for keeping the information secure. You do not need to create and implement the technology by yourself as there are lots of existing apps for different industries, so you can consider the options before committing. The benefits of adding blockchain will appear in the long-term as it is hard for unwanted third parties to access and use the information on your website.

Web apps, not websites

Mobile browsing exceeds desktop searching, and not catering to this trend will harm your business. A responsive web app is the one that adapts to the screen size of the device accessing it.

Responsive web apps are like being halfway between a website and a mobile app. They have the functionality, but without the personalization for each user. If you do not have the funds for app development and do not think your customer base would download one, this is your happy medium.

Get your point across immediately.

With so much information and so many services available, people do not spend time on websites that are not relevant to their needs. You want your website to be clear and concise, so consider drop-down menus and read more tags to hide information from the initial view.


This technology has come a long way, and the cost has come down. Chatbots do not replace customer service representatives, and a company should not aim to lose the human influence in their business.

However, Chatbots are great for simple requests that would otherwise divert attention from more complex customer queries. The benefits of this time-saving trick will vary from business to business. There is also a chance the users engage with a chatbot when they previously have no intention to contact anyone.

Sleek design

Minimalism is in, so you do not need to overload your website with tons of information. Nowadays, in an age of convenience, sites that look clumsy are the off-putting ones, and even the digital juggernaut Facebook has stripped back, particularly with its app. The bright blue framing is gone, that blue now is relegated to the typeface. This trend is similar to getting straight to the point but is more focused on the design, so you do not want to overweight your site with extra content.

Sites with less content are more responsive to mobile browsers as fewer things need repositioning in the code. As long as mobile screens are smaller than desktops are, they will benefit more from the reduced clutter soon.

Build an app but research it heavily first.

While not an option for many, if you have the audience and the funds to invest in, you should consider developing a mobile app. As long as some industries benefit more than others, apps do not work in the same way for all businesses. However, they are more convenient than web browsers are and have a tailored experience for users' loyalty building. Small businesses may feel cut off, but app development is getting cheaper as there are more talented developers day by day join the market.

Contact the app development company to discuss if a mobile app strategy is a reliable option for you. A company that is not only into money can consider previous projects and the benefits for you. 




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