9 Considerations for Your Software as a Service Customers

By Zoe Williamson
27 May '19

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a desirable business model, worth millions for the companies created solutions for home and the workplace. However, even for the most successful, customer engagement is a constant consideration.
There are two customer groups to consider: those you already have and those you want. Within your existing customers, there will be those with various levels of investment in your product.
To build customer engagement, you have to treat everyone as of value. Do not hesitate to remind your customers about your company. The changes you implement to your business will be about how to persuade those unsure if your SaaS model is right for them.

1. If price increases explain why

Preferably, a price increase should not affect customers who have already signed up for your service. If they spared extra costs, it reveals you appreciate the clients. In the event of an increase needing to affect everyone, focus on the positives of your SaaS solutions.

A marketing strategy part is when you provide a well-managed service, but sometimes expenses rise beyond your control. Perhaps there is an improvement to data security, cloud services or you invested in human resources. You want customers to forgive the inconvenience because they see how it is necessary.

The product features should be displayed to potential customers, as the price increase can impact clients' budgets more than you suggested. Many SaaS applications allow businesses to run more effectively, and long-term cost savings are what people want to learn more.

2. Reward loyalty

If you cannot realistically exclude customers from a price rise, is there something else you could do to reward loyalty? If you offer a tiered pricing system, you may be able to offer existing customers the premium service at a reduced rate.

Your finance calculated according to how many consumers attached to each of your pricing rows. Does your lowest tier attract considerably more users? Can you offer the best deal at a reduced rate to people who are paying for your business for over a year?

Offering reduced rates is not always an option, and it might be a matter of software licensing and traditional software that is relatively inexpensive on your end. Should providing the service costs you, thoroughly balance the numbers. The Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) business is about the costs of selling more services, as running cloud computing and data centers add up.

3. Add testimonials

The advantages of online reviews are too easy to dismiss, but research shows potential customers read them. Study displays 91% of 18-34 year-olds people put as much faith into online reviews as they do into something recommended to them personally.

Testimonials act as a more professional version, as they are more structured than reviews and subject to the editing. Editing should not be used as a fix-all tool for when things are not complimentary enough but does allow you to be to-the-point.

Testimonials from recognizable businesses add credibility and desirability. You are trustworthy and provide a high-quality service if a major company subscribes.

4. Keep customers updated on your business

You do not want to stay out of touch with your customer base because the loyal among them will feel undervalued. Those using your service need to know what will affect them. Are there changes coming? Provide your subscribers with that insider information.

You can build anticipation in the run-up to launch. Be wary not to overload people with information and spam their inboxes. If your service is computer software, add an information box reminding users of the upcoming updates.

5. Be personal

Using email marketing as an example does not mean writing out every email specifically for each customer. However, there are ways to make your customers feel spoken to without doing it directly.

There is a software adding names to emails, instantly showing a customer they are recognized as a person, not just a wallet. Beyond that, you have to create a profile of your typical customer, structure language around them. Should you already know they need your service, does that give insight into their work and lifestyle?

Using names and the appropriate language is not something limited to email marketing, it can feature in all communications and on your service. Your service itself should cater to its users.

6. Understand your audience

Adding new features and subscriptions may seem a brilliant idea for your business, but consider all details thoroughly. Do your customers need or even want what you are going to offer them?

Whatever you want to do will cost money, and finances may be reliant on the funds being reimbursed by subscriptions quickly. Investing poorly in your business will affect the customers you have already had and the clients you are trying to lure.

A great idea is only great if it fills a gap. Customer surveys can establish if there is a demand for new development.

7. Improve Your SEO

Clients still have to find you, and you have to meet competition with other SaaS providers. Whether your service is web-based or cloud-based services, you should have a site that is easy to find on a web browser.

If you prefer to keep your website text-lite, Google Ads are an opportunity to reach specific audiences and demographics. However, this may not be the right solution for those who are concerned about their finances. Google Ads takes payment for clicks to your site even if it does not result in a conversion.

8. Offer a free trial

A trial is an option for enticing future customers rather than the existing audience. However, it would be a short-sighted deal for most companies not to offer this option. It is so commonplace within the digital market, otherwise not including it would be instantly off-putting.

How you manipulate your free trial depends on the customers you want to attract. Should you look to sign up as many people as possible and sell the most affordable product, a free trial option with no credit card required will suit your goal better. Should you offer an expensive service, your target audience is expectant on spending money, and a credit card payment barely inhibits you.

9. Improve your customer service

Customer service is essential but is still often ignored by owners. Neglecting customer service issues does not mean you risk getting negative reviews but decreases your revenue.

Studies have found that consumers are willing to spend more with companies who respond effectively. In the short-term, this is not something to win over new customers but does work to improve the reputation of your business.

To improve your service, you can invest in Customer Relationship Management (CRM), that uses data to optimize the customer experience.


Should you need help building a Software as a Service platform, we can help you. We have previous examples of our work available to view.


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