Tablet Usage Skyrockets 282%, Businesses Go Mobile

By Imraj Pasricha
23 Jan '15

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If there’s ever been a time to prepare your website for mobile, it’s now.

In a survey of over 180 000 Internet users across 31 markets worldwide, the GlobalWebIndex study for Q1 2013 showed a 282% surge in tablet usage since 2011.

And while iPad tablet traffic continues to reign supreme in the US and Canada, GlobalWebIndex reports that the number of Android tablet users surpassed iPad users by 34 million globally in the first quarter of 2013.

GlobalWebIndex predicts that nearly 70 percent of global tablet users will own an Android tablet by 2016.

So what can business owners in North America take away from these statistics?

Here’s what you need to know:

  • While Apple is losing market share worldwide for tablet usage, it still rules for consumer popularity in North America. 
  • However, the surge in Android adoption globally should influence how North American marketers prepare their businesses for mobile Internet usage.





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